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With more than half a billion users, Facebook is practically a gold mine for marketers to advertise their business.
Facebook profound social marketing relationships with existing customers help, improve ROI and build community around your business.
With a low advertising budget, you can effectively select objects by location, demographics and habits, as well as display the test ad A / B and your text to optimize revenue trading business.

Here are 4 important tips on how to best take advantage of the potential customer base is an effective customer and fit your goals.
1. Create a Facebook page for your business:
Similar to a profile page, business page can be improved with the application to help businesses communicate and engage with their fans / customers (future or present), and create buzz and viral marketing, introduced through friends, sources, and events Facebook. After creating Facebook pages, conducting more pictures and information related to the business.
2. Add the current customers and your potential:
After creating Facebook pages, invite your business connections and existing customers to add you as a friend, many business professionals and existing customers of the business have a Facebook account, link more connection, you can make your site more effective social marketing will be your Facebook. Please contact your business and customers do not have a Facebook account to start using it. In addition, Facebook has a feature where you can see
friends of friends and invite them to your Facebook business page.
3. Add links to websites and other social networking sites:
Here are some links are selected to promote the Facebook page as well as your business is: There are all now represent links to their email signature for businesses on Facebook Page; Add a link on your Facebook page on your site; Integration with Facebook and Twitter accounts to post that content will appear on both Facebook and Twitter.
4. Keep your connection is updated and published:
Once the business customer base page / connection is built, and the site that you have all the content, images, videos and documents related information, you can access and interact the website of the business network through a status update, wall post, share links, information, photos / videos, create applications, and others. These articles will not appear on the connection of your News Feed, but also the walls of the business pages, and on the Facebook page “Likes” your business page. You may have the tools to reach enterprise free Facebook client base / potential customers, free of charge. Add content daily is an effective way to keep your business closer to the minds of the audience, as well as keep them in check and notification.
5. Advertise your business on Facebook:
Another way to get traction to your business is to advertise on Facebook with CPM (cost per impression) or CPC (cost per click). The ads appear on the right side of the page, and can appear on multiple pages, including applications, photos, Groups, Pages, Profiles, and Home.
Advertising Facebook is self-service, with smaller advertising budgets $ 30K Facebook. Businesses can target advertising by location, gender, age, keyword, relationship status, job title, workplace or college.

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