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This case is personal information being lost, does not “leak”

It is announced that the personal information has been compromised that there is nothing. You won’t have to worry about unauthorized use and disclosure of personal information, as officially announced strict management of personal information is, as a matter of course we’d expect.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho insurance
Japan KOA held called “apology on our customer information loss and announcement”. It is found the loss of insurance money payment documents 2729 views that contain personal information.

Missing document is the documents relating to payment of insurance, such as automobile insurance, has been kept in Akita, Sendai, Mito-Shi. However, the procedures are required to pay is paperwork has been completed.

Likely to be accidentally destroyed documents before the deadline stipulated by the company, according to the announcement, done a rigorous inspection and storage of it. The fact of abuse aren’t sure the road is extremely unlikely.

Company accepts this fact. We apologize the inconvenience our customers and stakeholders in a tremendous inconvenience and worry. We will strive to prevent recurrence to avoid creating a similar situation in the future.

Want to understand and here is the “leakage” of lost personal information in reports and. Generally refers to the case have been lost due to discard the fact recording leakage will be lost and “accidentally losing” the relevant documents and data.

Many have pointed to examples of unauthorized use by a third party, on the other hand, when the leak was brought outside the personal information and accident. So is taken out, diffusing information is impossible to manage, direct and indirect regardless of the assumed damage can be significant.

This time, discovered by Japan KOA is the destruction of personal information. I say and understand exactly what trouble occurred first, but sees the term “personal information” in the news become nervous I tend to react appropriately, it is important.

For go temporary “easy driving cash-back scheme” for sale on the website of Sony non-life insurance was announced. As postponed the release date was expected as Japan’s first “PHYD type driving behavior with telematics insurance products. There are examples when it comes to sales of new automobile insurance, was suddenly stopped in the past. I’m only in innovative products, but no official reason for the postponement and launch schedule, want to keep attention on the future developments.

Was scheduled to be released, culminating as Japan’s first PHYD type driving behavior with telematics insurance-friendly driving cash-back type of sales can forego temporar.

Example, but no official announcement as to why sales in third-party, discounted insurance premiums for collision safety brake with car suddenly stopped was there. May be one to tell how hard it is development and sales of auto insurance case that works with the latest technology.

However, PHYD-type driving behavior with auto insurance is the product key as land, infrastructure and Transport Ministry to boost its spread, the auto insurance industry in the future. It will never completely stop development of “easy driving cash-back”, such as automobile insurance.

Sony insurance last temporary sales postponed in the “30 day trial” of application acceptance is ongoing. This is where attention to future developments and announcements.

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