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Twitter messages will be easier for the Egyptians because of the help of Google

When Internet access was cut off in Egypt in the context of anti-government protests, Google launched a Twitter workaround for Egypt. A special service of Google, allows people in Egypt to send Twitter messages by dialing a phone number and leave a voice mail ..

Like many people, we have been through with the news which is happening in Egypt and thinking of what we can do to help people first, then reading a post on the blog of company’s official Google on Monday.

The service, Google said that the development with engineers from Twitter, allows people can dial a phone number and leave a message. The voice mail will automatically be converted into an audio file notice posted on Twitter using the tag identifying #egypt, Google said.

Google said in a blog post, titled “Some weekend work that will allow the Egyptian people to be heard”, but it can be to use the service without an Internet connection.

Internet service has been suspended around the country and text message phone has been disabled. Dozens of messages called tweets mentioning was featured on Twitter on Monday.

Notices range from each seconds to each minutes and featured people identifying themselves as Egyptians and describing the location in diffirent parts of the country.

The government is spreading rumors of fear, burglary and violence,” said one of the messages from an English speaker. It said that the percent of theft and burglary application made by the police themselves.


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